Oct 292010

DUBAI: Dubai is very cinematic and beautiful, said Tom Cruise at a press conference here on Thursday. His visit to Dubai to shoot the film “Mission Impossible IV: Ghost Protocol” will give a boost to the indebted city’s economy as it seeks to reap the benefits of high visibility in the film industry.

“It’s not gonna be MI 2, MI 3, MI 4, but it’s gonna be Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol … that will be the title of this film,” he said.

“One of the things that I always wanted with the franchise was for it to not have a number afterwards, because I haven’t made sequels of films, and I never really thought of these films as sequels,” Cruise said. “When you see each one of them, I think it’s distinctive of each filmmaker who has worked on the series. It’s a series that I love doing,” the US actor said.

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